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Under 5/6's Information

Welcome to the under 5/6's page. This age group is for children in pre school and the school year 1 age group starting on 1st September, i.e. children aged under 6 at the 1st of September 2019.
Micro Rugby is where it all starts. If you are a youngster wanting to learn about rugby, you start at micro rugby level. New players are almost always enthusiastic and want to get stuck in right away, but like everything, you have to learn to walk before you run. Therefore, at micro level we spend time having fun but developing basic skills, tactics and learning the rules at the same time. The most important thing is that the children have fun, learn how to play the game safely and in the right spirit. Surprisingly we experience relatively few bumps and bruises and the children keep on coming back for more!.

When and where do the squad train
The squad train on a Sunday morning 10:30 to Noon. From September to End of April at the Rishworthians Rugby Club in Copley HX3 0UG.
Contact any of the coaches below or Dave Butler on 01422 371672.
or feel free to turn up at a training session and watch the youngsters enjoying a session.

Please also take a few minutes to watch 2 short video clips of some of the activities in a typical session.
One is the micros session at Copley and in the other the micros visit Sheffield RUFC for a joint session with their micros.
Training session at Copley
Joint training session at Sheffield
For more information contact Dave Butler .
Dave Butler Tel: H 01422 371672 or e-mail davebutler@orrufc.co.uk

Still Interested - read on

If you are interested in bringing your child down to experience micro rugby, please read our aims and sample training reports and see what we do in our sessions. We suggest they have a 2-3 weeks trial to see if they enjoy the sessions before making a committment to join.

2019-20 Season

The new season starts on Sunday 1st September with player registration and a fun day to gently ease players into the micros. Children aged 3, 4 and 5 will start with the basic ball handling and running skills using fun games and as the season progresses start learning how to play tag rugby. They do not play competitive games until they reach their sixth birthday then they can join in with the under 7's squad and play competitive games. They train on Sunday mornings and occasionally travel with the under 7's to train with the opposition. In cold or very wet weather we have the opportunity to use the Rishworth School Sports hall and stay warm and dry.

What does your child need to join and enjoy micro rugby?
A willingness to listen and join in are good starters. We would ask that the kids come with a pair of football boots or trainers in good weather, some shorts and track suit trousers, a shirt and warm top fleece/track suit top, a wooly hat. (in winter, please ensure your child has several layers of clothing). An ability to get dirty (which most kids have) is good, and a get up and go attitude is a big help. Also its a good idea to bring a non fizzy drink for your child to keep them hydrated.

As a parent, is it a good idea to send your child to us?
We are all individuals, what excites one child may not interest another. Bring your child along, leave them with us and we hope that your child will have got ‘the bug’ and be keen to return, although it is important to stress that the coaches are not babysitters on a Sunday morning - they want to see your child take an interest and be developed. If the qualities are not there we will try to bring them out, but we do realise that rugby is not ‘it’ for all. Parents are also encouraged to get involved and help the coaches. There is also a kitchen facility in the clubhouse selling tea coffee and bacon or sausage teacakes if you miss breakfast.

As a parent, can I help or get involved?
Yes we always need volunteers to help the micro section. This could be helping the coaches to setup the equipment and store away after the session, Help with putting tag belts on and moving onto an assistant coach who will help the coaches and learn to run a drill or game. We will also send you on a beginners coaching course if you want to progress further and become a coach.

If your not keen on the coaching then we do need administrators who keep an attendance register each week or a volunteer who greets new players/parents and explains how we operate and complete membership forms and standing orders if new players decide to join after a trial period. None of these tasks are time consuming if several parents volunteer and it does mean the coaches concentrate on coaching and not spending time doing the admin tasks.

How do I join?

If your child is interested in playing rugby or you as a parent would like to introduce your child to the game of rugby this page will provide you with all the information you need. Just follow these steps.

1. Read the Introduction above.
2. If you are still interested bring your child down for a trial period. Your child will be placed in the u5 or u6 squad based on their age on 1st September.
3. Don't know where we are. Click on the "Directions" tab above.
4. Still interested after a trial period, complete a junior membership form available in the clubhouse
5. What kit do I need. The kit section explains what kit you need.
6. Need to know more about the age group your child will play in see below or contact one of the coaches or Dave Butler
We hope you and you child enjoy the experience.


Parents often ask what kit and protective clothing should be worn. Below is a guide to the kit requirements:

For Matches:
First impressions are important, especially in team games. We like all teams to wear the same kit on match days. Club shirt, black shorts and club socks.
This is a standard that we want to maintain.

For Training
Rugby shirts, drill tops, shorts or tracksuits. We recommend sturdy rugby clothing; it does not have to be matching.

Cold Weather
When the weather turns cold please make sure your child has plenty of warm clothing. We suggest
a T shirt under the club shirt
a track suit top, showerproof top or fleece.(from club shop)
Track suit bottoms (from club shop)
or black tights/leggings
A woolly bobble hat (from club shop)
Rugby mitts from club shop. Plus a pair of wool gloves over mitts when not playing
A towel and clean clothes to change into
Visit our club shop if you need any of the above kit items
or click onView club kit

Finally please bring a towel and a change of clean clothes. Please do not come into the clubhouse with boots or dirty kit.
Remember there are parents and visitors who may wish to use those seats.
Please make sure your kit has your name on it.
Please no jewellery and keep valuables to a minimum.

Club shop
We stock club shirts, shorts, socks, track suit tops, fleeces, gloves, hats.
The items are on sale on Sunday morning from 11am.
To order any items to pick up on a Sunday please send an e-mail to Dave Butler davebutler@orrufc.co.uk

Interested in Sponsoring the Micros

Anyone interested in sponsoring the Micros please contact any of the coaches or people below. The amount can be as little as £5 upwards. The money goes into a pot to buy equipment such as balls, tag belts, tackle shields, training shirts, coaching tops, marker cones and poles. The list is endless there is always new equipment to buy or replace worn out equipment.

Please contact Dave Butler via e-mail davebutler@orrufc.co.uk
or phone 01422 371672

Aims of the Micros are
Education through Rugby
Promoting the core values of Good Manners, Respect, Teamwork and Fair Play.

Having Fun
Every thing we do is designed to ensure that, first and foremost, all participants have fun and are enthusiastic about their rugby training. Every week we introduce a variety of exercises designed to develop basic individual and team skills through play. We engender healthy competition but always with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship, fair play and encouragement.

As parents ourselves we treat the safety of your children as paramount when considering our itinerary. Tag rugby at this age level is non-contact in that we do not play to tackle or encourage aggression towards each other. But don't expect any clean shirts because children seem to love the mud!!

Develop good hand-eye coordination, balance and agility. A healthy lifestyle, involving healthy eating and drinking as well as exercise. Your child gets "The feel good factor" through exercise, helping towards your chid feeling happy and content. Your child is encouraged to play in teams, teaching important social skills, friendship, discipline, respect, good manners and team building.

Building for the future
We consider it a great honour to be the people giving your children their first taste of rugby and aim to ensure the healthy behaviours our sport helps to develop serve your children well in the future and keep them coming back for years to come.

If you have any questions about our Under 6 rugby programme please don't hesitate to contact Dave Butler or a member of our team.
We look forward to seeing you.

Sunday 12th December - Weather cold and frosty off to the Rishworth School Sports Hall
An eventful training session was held in the warmth of Rishworth School for the under 6's from the Old Rishworthians RUFC.

15 lads attended the session, welcoming the smiley faces of brothers Redford and Nate Holdsworth to their 1st session of the season. After an action-packed warm-up of; jogging, sprinting, press-ups (well demonstrated by Thomas Amer, Connor Hickling and Max Smith !!), star jumps and 'Simon Says...', the boys started their drill sessions.

Thereafter, the boys commenced a game of 'Tagging Scarecrows', and after some fine dodging and tagging it was onto the next drill

The next drill was a passing and catching drill. The boys again really excelled here and managed to increase the number of passes and cones to 3 sets of 3.......of notable excellence in this drill were; Charlie Harrison, Joseph Diggles, Charlie Lovering, Marley Thacker, Charlie Swales and Carter Mabson who all managed to complete the exercise with no drops.....well done boys.

After that, the next drill was a long distance tagging '1' against '2'. Here, we witnessed some fantastic try-scoring from Oliver Hill (4 tries, no tags lost), Charlie Rushworth (3 tries, 1 tag lost), Joseph Diggles (4 tries, 1 tag lost), Redford Holdsworth (4 tries, no tags lost), Nate Holdsworth (4 tries, 1 tag lost) and Freddy Shields (3 tries, no tags lost)........the stars of defence in this drill were; Charlie Harrison (5 tags taken) and Ben Hall (3 tags).....fantastic, well done all the lads.

To finish with the lads enjoyed some energetic games of 'dodge ball' and 'bulldogs'......Marley Thacker stole the show on dodge ball, with some well aimed hits with the rugby ball....whilst, Freddy, 'the Charlies' and Max Smith all excelled at bulldogs.

Certificates this week went to:
Max Smith
Thomas Amer
Nate Holdsworth
Oliver Hill
Freddy Shields
Well done to all, we hope you all enjoyed it.

Next Sunday, we aim to stage Training outdoors at the Old Rishworthians RUFC, Copley.
Also, please do not forget the Christmas party at 3pm.
Finally, best wishes and a speedy to recovery to Edwin Mackenzie who had a small operation last week......brave boy and a speedy recovery is wished by everybody connected with the under 6's

Micros Training Session Report 30th January
Wow……a fantastic training session was held on Sunday the 30th January for the ORRUFC Under 6’s (aka The Micros!).

The session started with an energetic warm-up of star-jumps, toe-touching, stretches and running…….well demonstrated by Edward Amer, Archie Sykes and Max Smith. Thereafter, we split into 2 groups of ‘Tigers’ and ‘Sharks’…..and continued the warm-up with some relay try-scoring races. The ‘stars’ of this drill were; Joseph Diggles, Ewan Bell and Ben Hall, who all raced to score a try and return to their team-mates in super quick times. The warm-up completed with a game of ‘tag scarecrows’. Here we saw some fantastic energy, agility and movement from; Carter Mabson, Leo Iribaren and Freddy Shields, whilst Toby Didgiunatis and George West were the superstars in freeing the Scarecrows!

The next drill was a ‘1 on 2’ tagging event…….and the teams split up into 2 groups. In the 1st group Lucas Fernally and Jobe Wilby showed what fantastic try-scorers they are with 5 tries each, whilst Charlie Harrison, Oliver Hill and Thomas Amer managed to grab 3 tags each…..well done to all the lads. In the 2nd group Casper Connell and Archie Sykes both scored 4 tries and Edwin Mackinzie and Toby Didgiunatis stole 2 tags each…..what a fantastic effort!

After an exciting long running game of ‘whistle tag’, where Archie Sykes, Jobe Wilby and Charlie Harrison all displayed great passing and catching skills…..the Coaches got the tackle bags out for some messy fun! Connor Hickling, Casper Connell, Freddy Shields and Carter Mabson all launched some massive hits on the bags, whilst Max Smith, Oliver Hill and Leo Iribaren all hit the 2nd bag with some force……well done to all!

Finally we finished the morning with a game of Bull Dogs…….well done here to Charlie Harrison, Ben Hall, Ewan Bell, Charlie and Max Smith for some fantastic tagging.

A really enjoyable session…..well done to all the lads.

Certificates this week went to:
Archie Sykes (Try scoring)
Jobe Wilby (Try scoring)
Lucas Fernally (Try scoring)
Charlie Harrison (Tagging)

We hope to see you all next week and hope all the boys enjoy the training.

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